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McNamara Legal has extensive experience in a wide range of complex civil matters.  The civil litigation services we provide include but are not limited to:

When searching for the best trial attorney in Chicago or best attorney in Indiana for your specific needs, there are several factors you should consider, but primarily experience, referrals, and track record.  McNamara Legal has been practicing civil litigation for decades and has a proven success rate of over 90% of all cases. Simply stated, there is no substitute for an experienced and aggressive civil litigation attorney.

When making the decision of which attorney to entrust with your case, make sure you feel confident with the attorney and that they understand your needs and goals for the case, and will be readily accessible to you. Unfortunately, it is very common for people to hire a specific attorney based upon a referral or the attorney’s experience, only to have the attorney “bait and switch" and pass the case off to a lesser experienced associate within (or outside) the firm. Some attorneys will use the excuse that they are trying to save you money by using a less expensive attorney for trivial court appearances and research, but the truth is, court appearances are sometimes unpredictable and less experienced attorneys may overlook the significance of a statement made in court, or the way an order is drafted.  In some instances, the experienced attorney you sought after and hired simply didn’t have the required time for your case, or they would rather spend their time on a bigger case. If this ever happens, hire a new lawyer.  A less experienced attorney learning on your dime can mean the difference between winning or losing your case.

Civil litigation v. Arbitration

Civil Litigation is the traditional public court process by which the parties have  a court (judge or jury) decide a dispute. Arbitration is when one or more neutral third person(s) picked by the parties (or designated in a contract between the parties) decides the matter (binding) or makes a suggestion to the parties on how to resolve it (non-binding).  

Despite what some advocates and arbitration companies assert, arbitration is not a very speedy process, and it can be expensive (particularly if the other side wants to drag out the process).  Why pay to arbitrate a matter if you have already paid for the courts to hear the same matter?  However, sometimes you don’t have a choice regarding whether your dispute is arbitrated.  For instance, some auto dealerships bury an arbitration clause in the fine print of their sales agreement(s), and sometimes a judge will order you to arbitration during the case  

Should you find yourself in need of an Indiana or Chicago arbitration attorney, or you need to enforce an arbitration award, McNamara Legal has over fifty years experience handling hundreds of arbitrations.  Ana McNamara, Esq. was previously appointed and served as an arbitrator for the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, presiding over a wide range of arbitration cases. Arbitration is essentially just another form of dispute resolution, such as mediation.

Civil Litigation vs. Appeals

The appeals process starts after a trial has concluded in favor of one or the other party.  The party who did not prevail either truly believes the judge or jury committed a reversible error of law, entitling them to a different result or new trial, or they are simply a sore loser who wishes to continue to inundate the winning party with onerous and expensive litigation. Either way, McNamara Legal has been successful in defending appeals in both scenarios.

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When going through a civil dispute, it is important to speak with a civil litigation attorney to protect your rights.  As there are a variety of issues that make each case unique, it is important to make sure you have an experienced lawyer you can count on to represent you. To make sure you have proper legal representation, be sure to call our office for a free consultation.

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