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Welcome to McNamara Legal. We understand how difficult it can be to deal with divorce and other family law issues. When your children, your finances and your future are at stake, it is important to have the guidance of an experienced family law attorney to protect your interests throughout the process. Unfortunately, family law issues can be tough on the whole family and we don't want you to go the process alone.

McNamara Legal has been representing individuals and families in Cook County, Illinois for over 20 years. We will listen to your concerns, build a plan that is suitable for the circumstances, including how we can help you achieve solutions that protect you and your children's wishes. We do more than  just fill out paperwork, we work with clients to understand their situation so he or she may reach an effective resolution.

At McNamara Legal we can assist you with a full spectrum of family law issues, including:

  • Divorce - We guide our clients through the divorce process and work to resolve related issues in an efficient manner, regardless if your divorce is amiable or contentious.
  • Child Custody and Visitation - Our firm is a results-oriented law agency that provides representation in matters involving parenting time, proposed child relocations, and more.
  • Child Support - When you work with McNamara Legal, we will fight for your best interest whether you are entitled to receive child support or must pay child support out. We have experience working both sides and know the negotiations well.
  • Property Division - We protect your rights and obtain a fair division of assets. We have extensive experience in regards to complex property issues, ownership of businesses, hidden assets or other matters.
  • Family Violence - We can help you get a restraining order or represent your interests in court if necessary.

Filing for Divorce in Chicago, IL

The first step of any legal matter is to ascertain your particular goals and the most efficient way to achieve them. McNamara Legal serves clients all over Chicago, so no case will ever be the same.   Because every case is unique, we treat each case individually to provide a more personalized experience to make sure what matters most to you is protected.  

Seeking Dissolution of Marriage

The most common cause of filing for divorce is the breakdown of the relationship. This is also known as irreconcilable differences., which means the individual and their spouse cannot get along with each other enough to keep the marriage alive. This often causes an array of other issues in and outside the marriage. In filing, one partner (the petitioner) wants to end the marriage - generally because they are unhappy with the relationship and do not want to continue it any more.

The first step is to file for divorce where you live. The rules about filing for divorce depend on:

* what state or country you live in

* whether there are children involved

 Filing for divorce process is generally the same, but filing for divorce in some states and countries can be different from filing somewhere else. Filing for divorce in Illinois is a legal action that one partner takes to end the marriage (the relationship between two people who are married). The other partner (the respondent) is the one filing. They file their response to filing for divorce, and this starts the legal process.

Filing for petition can be drafted by you or a lawyer. The filing parties have to serve their filing papers on the other party in some way - either by giving it to them in person or sending it by post or filing for divorce.

Often filing for divorce is called filing for a dissolution of marriage or filing for an annulment of the marriage. It all means the same thing - ending the marriage because it has broken down. Filing parties file the papers in court, and once they have been reviewed by a judge (who decides if filing is appropriate), the filing party files for divorce a "decree" or filing for divorce.

Courts have set out filing rules to make the process easier, so filing parties should follow the filing process carefully. The important thing is not to miss any steps - if you do the court may refuse to file for divorce your petition (though filing for divorce is rarely refused).

When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Chicago, IL

When searching for a divorce attorney in Chicago, it is important to know Ana McNamara has helped many clients navigate through the divorce process and brings a vast experience helping those going through the entire process in and out of the courthouse. We know the process is an emotional one and do our best to provide you with the assurance and guidance you need to move on to the next phase of your life. McNamara is a well known civil litigation attorney providing professional legal services and has helped many people attain adequate settlements throughout Chicago, IL, Cook County and the surrounding areas in Illinois . McNamara Legal has handled a variety of complex cases with many complications at the Richard J. Dailey Center and other courthouses.

Call our office for a free consultation to discuss your situation. We  have a vast array of experience to help you through one of the most difficult times of your life, so call us today at 312-719-7959.

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