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McNamara Legal (a Chicago Based Law Office) provide arbitration services throughout Chicago, Illinois and in the Cook County court houses. The use of arbitration as dispute resolution is an appealing alternative for many people. As powerful arbitrators, they are able to decide who "wins" or "loses." The decision made by the arbitrator can be converted into a court judgment and binding on parties in the case - this makes it much easier when you want your decisions to hold up against someone else's arguments.

What are the Advantages of Arbitration?

Arbitration is a good way to resolve disputes in the construction industry, as arbitrators are often experienced design and construction lawyers. Arbitrations have many advantages over trials, including familiarity with norms of the industry that judges may not be aware of or know much about. The decisions made by an arbitration court can also end up being better than those handed down from a courtroom for designers and contractors who care deeply about their work.

Arbitration is like a mini court system that can be more efficient and cost-effective than going to trial. It's also final, so it can't be appealed on the merits and there are usually no public records of proceedings.


Arbitration Versus Mediation

There are many different ways to solve a conflict, and these two methods provide an alternative process if you don't want to go through the courts. Mediation is more informal than arbitration but less conclusive as it doesn't come with any legal standing or penalties for not following its guidelines. If your case goes before the arbitrator, he/she will make final decision on what should happen based off of evidence presented by both parties in court-like settings that can lead up to trial like proceedings or their recommendations may be enforced according to legislation existing at time of dispute's filing date.

Arbitration: the process of having a few judges make decisions in place of going through more formal legal proceedings.

Arbitration is an excellent way to solve disputes without getting bogged down with all the paperwork involved, and while it might still be binding on both parties to not pursue any other avenues for resolution following arbitration, such as another trial or mediation, this will often lead you into back-and-forth arguments that can take years before coming close to reaching a verdict.

Mediation: is the art of resolving disputes without a judge. A mediator facilitates discussion and eventually resolution in order to reach an agreement that leaves both parties satisfied with their outcome.

Arbitration is a method of resolving disputes that may be less costly and more flexible than litigation. The process, which typically occurs before three arbitrators chosen by the parties to the dispute, can take place with just one arbitrator or in panels of multiple members who are tasked like judges. Arbitrations often involve matters such as commercial contracts and intellectual property rights where there is no agreement on an appropriate forum for resolution; however they also deal with interpersonal disagreements between family members over smaller matters from disagreements concerning wills to child custody issues.

If you're looking for a more peaceful resolution to your legal dispute, arbitration and mediation may be the way forward. These alternatives can take place in tandem with trials or independently of other proceedings if both parties are amenable. With these methods, a neutral third party oversees the process as well as any decisions that need to be made; additionally binding results could come via either route.

Winning Cases in Chicago Illinois

When hiring an attorney in Chicago, it is important to know there are lawyers and there are litigators. A litigator and an attorney are not synonymous terms. A lawyer may be awarded a doctorate in law, license to practice law in the state they reside and have attended various schools for paralegal training, or completed some other program that qualifies them as a lawyer.

Being awarded legal work, awarded settlement and winning court cases are not the same thing. It is necessary to be awarded legal work for a case to proceed.  After being awarded legal work, it is either up to the litigator or his/her client if they choose to proceed with the case. In short - awarded settlement and winning court cases are mutually exclusive.

McNamara Legal is committed to hard, smart work that makes a difference in the lives of our clients. We're guided by three principles: justice for all; client as family; and attorney integrity over profits.

All of the attorneys at McNamara Legal are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals while maintaining maintaining justice through the U.S. court system. Our highest priority is to make sure our clients have the highest representation possible.


When Hiring an Attorney to Assist You with Arbitration in Chicago, IL

When searching for a lawyer to represent you for an arbitration in Chicago, Illinois, it is important to know McNamara Legal has an impeccable history and could help you work out a favorable arrangement either in or out of  the courthouse as in an arbitration or outside settlement. We have a vast experience litigating cases and can help you get justice in your case. McNamara Legal is a well known civil litigation attorney providing arbitration services and has helped many people attain adequate settlements throughout Chicago, IL, Cook County and the surrounding areas in Illinois . McNamara Legal has handled a variety of arbitration cases at the Richard J. Dailey Center and other courthouses.

McNamara Legal. is the law firm with over 50 years of combined legal experience that can help you build a solid case and win your chess game! We work hard to provide each client with not one but many experienced litigators working together on their cases so they get all the resources necessary for success.

Call our office for a free consultation to discuss your case with our counsel. We  have a vast array of experience and are here to fight for your rights, so call us today at 312-719-7959.

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