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Consumer Deceptive Practices Attorney Chicago Illinois

McNamara Legal of Chicago has a successful track record of serving victims who have been exploited by businesses and individuals. We have handled numerous cases involving violations of the Illinois Deceptive Trade Practices Act, as well as representing individual in actions against other businesses or people such as insurance companies, builders etc.

A recent court case in Illinois has raised awareness of the rights consumers have under State and federal laws. McNamara Legal is committed to protecting these rights, especially when large corporations may be involved or individuals feel powerless against them.

Consumer Rights Lawsuits

The most common infractions on consumers happen when they are at their weakest point. They can be vulnerable and taken advantage of, sometimes without even realizing it.

The worst thing you could get from a company is false advertising or some other form that violates your rights as a consumer because these occur the moment we're human beings who have been weakened by emotional vulnerability; for example, during times of depression which make us more susceptible to outside influences than any time in our lives.

  • Defective products (drugs, vehicles, toys)
  • Fraud (billing, security)
  • Breach of warranty
  • Breach of privacy
  • Unfair or deceptive practices
consumer deceptive practices

Individuals are not powerless when they have been wronged by a business or corporation. They can take action under federal laws and state statutes to protect their rights as consumers, whether it is filing on their own in court or participating in class-action lawsuits with other individuals who may also be seeking justice for the same wrongdoing.

Deceptive Trade Practices Under the DTPA (Also Known as Consumer Fraud)

The DTPA prevents many of the methods that some sellers use to trick or defraud consumers into purchasing items. For example, failing to tell about a feature or quality which could negatively affect a consumer’s decision is dishonest and violates this law. There are dozens types of fraudulent sales practices listed in its laundry list including false endorsement, bait-and switch tactics, pyramid schemes etc

The Defective Trade Practices Act (DTPA) prohibits many of the deceptive tricks buyers often encounter when making purchases from vendors who have hidden agendas. The act regulates prohibited trade practices like knowing concealment - not telling customers important things they need to know before buying their product; misleading advertising claims - such as exaggerating features/qualities so much that it might lead.

The DTPA protects consumers in many other ways. For instance, there are advertising practices that are forbidden by the act; for example: bait and switch advertising, using untrue endorsements or statements about manufacturing materials used on products (false claim advertisement), lying to customers about a product's abilities/services available through misrepresentation of another company., etc...

Businesses as Consumers Under the DTPA

Many businesses purchase insurance to protect themselves from deceptive trade claims. When a business makes a claim because the insurance company has denied or underpaid them, our consumer protection attorneys may be able to help by filing an appeal on their behalf and withstanding any challenges that arise in litigation against these insurers. We have stood up for many different clients across diverse industries and understand how they operate- which could mean all of the difference when it comes down to winning or losing your case!

When Hiring a Consumer Deceptions Attorney in Chicago, IL

It's important to have a well versed lawyer to represent you in deceptive practices cases in Chicago, Illinois. McNamara Legal has an impeccable history and could help you work out a favorable arrangement either in or out of  the courthouse . We have a vast experience litigating cases and can help you get justice in your case. Attorney Ana McNamara is a well known civil litigation attorney practicing consumer deceptions cases and has helped many clients throughout Chicago, IL, Cook County and the surrounding areas in Illinois with the injunction process. McNamara Legal has handled a variety of injunction cases at the Richard J. Dailey Center and other courthouses.

McNamara Legal. is the law firm with over 50 years of combined legal experience that can help you build a solid case to fight your case. We work hard to provide each client with not one but many experienced litigators working together on their cases so they get all the resources necessary for success.

Call our office for a free consultation to discuss your case with our counsel. We  seek justice for our clients and are here to fight for your rights, so call us today at 312-719-7959.

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