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Chicago Consumer Protection Lawyer

McNamara Legal cares about upholding the rights of everyday people. Ana McNamara is a hard-working Chicago based lawyer, and she knows how to defend your interests when you have been wronged by unscrupulous companies. If you think someone has taken advantage of or misled you in any way during the purchase process in Illinois, contact McNamara Legal for help enforcing your right under Deceptive Trade Practices Act law.

Bad credit can harm your life. In order to protect yourself, you need a good lawyer on call in case any debt collectors come after you and try to claim that the debts are yours when they're not or harass you while trying collect from someone who hasn't paid their bills! McNamara Legal is just what the doctor ordered so there is no need to worry about bad credit because McNamara Legal has you covered,

Debt Collection Protection

If you are being harassed by debt collectors, we can help. Debt collectors often take aggressive actions in violation of federal law; if they threaten or harass you while collecting a debt from you, this is against the law and should not be tolerated. If a collection agency calls incessantly to harass or violate your rights - contact McNamara Legal for assistance!

The Federal Trade Commission Act is a law to protect consumers from unfair or deceptive practices.  Since 1914, the Federal Trade Commission  (FTC)  has been protecting consumers from fraud and false advertising through consumer protection laws.  These include enforcing a number of consumer fraud laws that prohibit businesses and individuals from engaging in certain deceptive trade practices.  Such activities include telemarketing scams,  complaints  regarding  credit  and debt,  mortgage relief  programs  that are not approved by the FTC,  work-at-home offers that request upfront fees, charges for work done under the guise of "credit repair," identity theft protection services that ask for a credit card number  and  royalties  for  writing  or  owning  a song.  

The FTC also oversees the Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule, which requires merchants to ship goods within a specified time frame and prohibits them from requiring consumers to accept certain forms of payment that can be difficult for them to use. 

Post Bankruptcy Collection Defense

Bankruptcy is a way for those in financial trouble to gain some peace of mind. Even though your debts may have been discharged by the bankruptcy court, debt collectors and attorneys could still seek payment from you. If someone tells you that they are going to pursue money owed even after filing bankruptcy-they're breaking the law! Contact McNamara Legal today for help with any legal matters involving this subject matter.

McNamara Legal has been committed to representing the individuals who have fallen victim to fraudulent or deceptive business practices. McNamara Legal continues its representation throughout Chicago, Illinois and is always available for new clients seeking legal assistance after being a victim of fraud or deceptive practice by an unethical service provider. We are here to help and want to be your advocate.

consumer protection

When Hiring a Consumer Protection Attorney

When searching for a Chicago consumer protection attorney, it is important to know, Ana McNamara is well versed FTC code particularly that of consumer protection laws and brings a vast experience helping people resolve legal dispute situations in and out court. McNamara is a well known civil litigation attorney providing professional legal services and represents clients with consumer protection issues throughout Cook County, Illinois and has handled various cases at the Richard J. Dailey Center.

Call our office for a free consultation to discuss your consumer fraud case. We can represent both sides and have a vast array of experience to help you win your case, so call us today at 312-719-7959.

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