Unique Legal Services

McNamara Legal offers unique legal services, such as:

Representation and full services relating to Surrogacy. 

McNamara Legal is sensitive to infertility issues, and will help you navigate the medical consent forms and contracts necessary to expand your family. We counsel intended parents and surrogates about their options: gamete donation (egg, embryos, and sperm) or in vitro fertilization, and ensure a smooth process.

Click here for more information on surrogacy law.

Pet Disputes and Custody

McNamara Legal creates agreements between joint pet owners to determine custody in the event the relationship ceases and the family pet becomes the center of a custody battle, and advises clients regarding joint ownership.

Click here for more information on pet custody law.

Attorney Bill Auditing Services

McNamara Legal provides services reviewing corporate and individual legal bills for over-billing, improper charges, and other discrepancies and will assist you in challenging the Invoice and negotiating a lesser invoice, if appropriate. We also litigate and challenge Attorney Fee Petitions in court.

Click here for more information on attorney bill auditing.

False Internet Reviews

Often, business clients (typically in the hospitality and restaurant industry) are the victims of false internet reviews. False reviews can cost businesses tens of thousands of dollars.  Posting false statements of fact about a business is actionable in Illinois and Indiana and can sustain a lawsuit for defamation.  If you can identify the identity of the person or entity who posted a false or defamatory review about you or your business,  McNamara Legal will contact the reviewer and demand they either remove the false review or post a retraction. If they fail to do so, McNamara Legal is the right hi-caliber aggressive law firm to file suit against the reviewer to recover damages and to protect your business’s good name and reputation.  

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