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Life is not always predictable and unfortunately you never know what will happen next. Sometimes you have to take drastic measures and go straight for the jugular, but it's not always easy--especially if time is of the essence. Legal disputes are complicated, with many different avenues that could lead to a resolution: negotiation or settlement; mediation; arbitration.... But sometimes when immediate relief is necessary one might want an injunction from court litigation which has broad powers in order to prevent irreparable harm before its too late.

When dealing with a serious matter such as an injunction in the Chicago court systems, it is important to have the counsel of McNamara Legal on your side. With over 20 years in practice, our record is impeccable and we continue racking up victories for our clients one after the next. If you would like like to discuss your situation with us, call for a free consultation at 312-719-7959,

What are Injunctions?

A court order that forbids a person from starting or continuing an action, such as threatening the legal rights of another party. If someone breaches this order and continues with their illegal actions, they are subject to punishment by law enforcement for violating it. The Supreme Court is the pinnacle of American law, and with it comes a plethora of rights that need to be protected. Only those who are experienced will get this job done correctly. The U.S.'s highest court is an important place for cases both large and small; only trained professionals can do them justice.


When Are Inunctions Appropriate?

Injunctions are an appropriate response to situations where there is the potential for imminent and permanent harm if certain activities are not prevented. Once the damage has already been done, money damages would be a suitable remedy; however, it may come too late when considering that some parties have suffered lasting and irreparable harm which could've otherwise easily been avoided with proper legal precautions taken beforehand.

Injunctions can be had in a variety instances. Here are just few situations that may require injunctive relief:

  • A violation of a confidentiality agreement, non-disclosure agreement, non-solicitation agreement, non-compete covenant.
  • Stealing trade secrets.
  • Business torts.
  • Disclosure of proprietary or confidential information.

Types of Injunctive Relief

Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) – A temporary restraining order (TRO) is a type of relief that can typically be obtained quickly. TROs are only available with ex parte proceedings, which means the judge decides on it without hearing from both parties involved in the case. If you're successful and able to obtain one, they expire within 20 days but provide vital protection for those who need an emergency fix until more permanent options can take place.

Declaratory Judgment – A declaratory judgment is a court’s ruling that defines the rights and duties of parties involved in a dispute. Parties often seek these judgments before filing lawsuits to get an official statement defining each party's duty, or what actions or omissions could be considered breaches from one side against another.

Preliminary Injunction – A preliminary injunction is a court order that lasts longer than a TRO and can be held in place for the duration of litigation. A judge will only grant this after holding an evidentiary hearing where both parties have had their say, which they often request at the same time as applying for protection from another kind of temporary restraining order.

An injunction is a court order that prevents certain actions from occurring. They can be used to prevent irreparable harm and protect parties' rights, but could also hamper the target's freedom of action. An emergency injunction may shut down someone's business for good if they're not notified in time or have legal counsel on hand with experience responding quickly to issues like these--a delicate situation requiring skillful handling by experienced attorneys who know when it pays off to fight back against an attempted violation or make concessions rather than take drastic measures too early out of fear that disaster looms ahead as deadlines approach.

Protecting Your Assets

Divorce is hard enough, but if you also have to worry about your spouse taking all of the family money and property before it's final, then an asset protection order may be just what you need. Working with a lawyer who knows how to protect assets can help make sure that everything stays fair during this difficult time.

Asset Protection Orders are available for those seeking divorce in Texas as well - whether they're looking for one or their soon-to-be ex already has one against them! These orders ensure things stay equitable even when trying times come up by protecting important possessions like homes and cars from sudden lawsuits; being able to afford attorney fees; keeping life insurance policies intact so children will still get funds after death without creditors getting involved too early.

At McNamara Legal  we have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure your spouse does not transfer property or liquidate assets. If you need assistance with an injunction issue, contact our office immediately at 312-719-7959.


When Hiring an Attorney to Assist You with Injunctions in Chicago, IL

When searching for a lawyer to represent you for inunctions in Chicago, Illinois, it is important to know McNamara Legal has an impeccable history and could help you work out a favorable arrangement either in or out of  the courthouse as in an arbitration or outside settlement. We have a vast experience litigating cases and can help you get justice in your case. Attorney Ana McNamara is a well known civil litigation attorney providing assistance with injunctions and has helped many clients throughout Chicago, IL, Cook County and the surrounding areas in Illinois with the injunction process. McNamara Legal has handled a variety of injunction cases at the Richard J. Dailey Center and other courthouses.

McNamara Legal. is the law firm with over 50 years of combined legal experience that can help you build a solid case to fight your case. We work hard to provide each client with not one but many experienced litigators working together on their cases so they get all the resources necessary for success.

Call our office for a free consultation to discuss your injunctions case with our counsel. We  have a vast array of experience and are here to fight for your rights, so call us today at 312-719-7959.

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