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There are many Chicago personal injury lawyers who will tell you that they have the best results. But what matters to us is your well-being and how hard we work for it, which has made McNamara Legal one of Chicago’s top firms since opening in 1999. You deserve straight talk from a firm with experience both locally and nationally—Chicago residents can trust their legal matter be handled professionally by our team of hand selected seasoned attorneys.

Many people think there's only 1 kind of lawyer: someone who handles criminal cases or deals with contracts...but when it comes down to choosing an attorney--or working on a case as representation--it's important to have someone who will fight ferociously to help you get a fair and generous settlement on your injury claim.

Your Right to Recover Personal Injury Damages in Chicago, IL

When you or a loved one has been injured, life changes drastically. You are no longer able to work and there is an influx of bills in your mailbox that seem insurmountable. The pain may be unbearable but the financial burden seems even worse - when these things happen through no fault of our own it can feel like everything we know and love just isn’t fair anymore.

So you’ve been wronged and are looking for a way to get justice. Fortunately the law in Chicago, Illinois can help with this too! You have legal rights that allow you compensation if another person has caused your injury or loss. An experienced personal injury lawyer from McNamara Legal will be able to guide through the difficult process of getting what is rightfully yours so call us today to discuss your case at 312-719-7959.

personal injury

Why Choose McNamara Legal to Represent You in Your Personal Injury Case

Chicago litigator Ana McNamara is not afraid to use aggressive legal strategies or go to court in pursuit of maximum compensation for clients. Our law firm reviews and testimonials speak to how well we can handle cases for our clients. We forge long-term relationships with the people that have been helped by us, giving them one-on-one attention - tailoring their needs as individual client's at a time; understanding the gravity of each case specifically so we know what they need from us next

Chicago litigator Ana McNamara never hesitates when it comes down choosing between going into battle in order extract every possible penny out her opponents (but always within reason) and settling negotiations outside courtroom doors before things get too heated.

When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Chicago, IL

When searching for a Chicago personal injury attorney, it is important to know, Ana McNamara is extremely well versed in personal injury laws and brings a vast experience helping those injured by others incompetence or through malicious intent both in and out of the courthouse. McNamara is a well known civil litigation attorney providing professional legal services and has helped countless victims recover personal injury settlements throughout Chicago and the Cook County, Illinois area. McNamara Legal has handled a variety of injury cases at the Richard J. Dailey Center and other courthouses.

Call our office for a free consultation to discuss your personal injury case. We  have a vast array of experience to help you win your case and arrange a fair and generous settlement, so call us today at 312-719-7959.

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